Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications

If you are not ready to invest in the costly development of a mobile app but also want to engage with your customers via smartphones, then you should better consider a progressive web application (PWA) development. Roughly speaking, a PWA is another version of your website that looks and feels just like a mobile app. An average user would not notice any difference.
PWA is cross-platform, which means that it can be installed both on desktops and any mobile device. It allows using push-notification to always keep your customers updated. Besides, thanks to data caching, PWAs can work even offline.
Developing a PWA is a fast and cost-effective process, but it all will work out only under one condition — you need to have a website to make a PWA.

Progressive web app development: Benefits and Cost

Do you still think it’s impossible to build a website that would not only feel like a native app but act like one across all platforms? We develop these all the time. They are called Progressive Web Apps and their implementation has countless benefits.
What is PWA?
Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website that behaves and looks like a mobile application. This software creates a smooth “app-like” user experience by combining sophisticated design, advanced APIs, and best web development practices. Below are some advantages of PWAs:
App-like experience
Get a full functionality of a website designed like a swift mobile app with zero install.

App-Like Experience

Get a full functionality of a website designed like a swift mobile app with zero install.

Offline Mode

Boost user engagement by letting your visitors save browsing data from the last online visit.

Hardware Integrations

Go beyond the limits with features like push notifications, geo-locations, and more.

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