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Spinp is one of the most agile and skilled companies in the market when it comes to customer service. We have over 6 years of experience with Swiss companies. This has led to us accumulating expertise in handling business processes and we have evidence of delivering success. This is best proved by our steady growth over the last 5 years where we multiplied our staff, revenue and expertise due to increased market requests for our services.
We are the only firm in Kosovo to deal exclusively with demands from notable Swiss companies regarding their market research requirements and have an excellent track record in our portfolio.

Experienced Team

Our dedicated customer services support team in Pristina is comprised of selected, professional operators who possess multi-lingual skills and are cooperative through the whole cycle from receiving customer complaints to solving them. Our operators are able to solve customer problems with a high level of professionalism in at least 3 languages, namely: German, English and French.

We are highly capable of meeting your needs and answering your requests in due time and by engaging the right expertise and seniority.
Our call-center managers carry a collective experience of over 30 years on running call-centers throughout their career. Their analytical skills enable a smooth and cohesive work-flow while keeping the tasks at hand on top of the priorities.

Our management have the best combination of local knowledge of the market, mixed with an extensive international experience and best practices application in our business. Our customer relationship manager has extensive knowledge of the Swiss market companies and their work ethics, standards and their high expectancies and delivers accordingly.

Less hype, more support. A team you can count on.

Competitive Proposal

Our fees are an indication of the importance we place to the relationship with our potential partners and the mutual synergies we are after. We know companies are seeking an ease of their operations in terms of cost reductions, so we commit to providing our services at the most competitive rates without jeopardizing our standards. It is our wish to remain a trusted destination for mutual benefit relationships no matter what.

Sustainable Business Model

We believe in dynamic and evolving business model, that is why ours’ reflects it. Markets evolve and change and to keep up the pace so do we. The objective is to always be in the right corner for when those changes occur and that is to have a clearly defined vision which is aided by the right partnerships, activities and ultimately our value proposition

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